Quick Kitchen Makeovers

We all have to spend a certain amount of time in the kitchen and whether or not you enjoy cooking, the time that you do spend there can be much more pleasant in bright, modern surroundings.

But if you don’t have the time or money for a full kitchen remodel just pick a kitchen design idea or two from the following list and you’ll be amazed at how easily your kitchen is transformed.

  • There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to lighten and brighten things up. You can paint walls, cabinets and even some floors. Melamine paint is ideal for kitchen cabinets but as with any paint job preparation is key so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If your concerned about resale, don’t be too trendy with your color choice.
  • Hardware is available for cabinets and drawers in a full range of prices. You can go modern, retro or even Victorian. The right hardware can give your cabinets and drawers a real high-end look.
  • Change the kitchen faucet. There’s so much variety with different finishes, handles and spray functions. DIY’ers will be able to install many of the new models with just a few basic tools. Costs vary and you don’t need to spend a lot to get a great looking faucet. Mouldings give a rich, textured look to your kitchen. Consider new crown moulding or chair rails. Crown modelings on top of plain cabinets look great and create a seamless line from cabinet to ceiling.
  • If you don’t have a mitre box and saw you may wish to buy mouldings with premitred corners. This is a tricky job and will really show if you don’t get the angles cut perfectly.
  • Sometimes the quickest and easiest design solution is to update your kitchen accessories. Plants add color and and you may have some unique pieces around the house that would make unconventional pots for new or existing plants. Check through your cupboards to see what might look great on421729935_a4330fffba_b the counter or on the wall. You can always rotate accessories a couple of times a year to keep the look fresh.
  • You don’t need advanced sewing skills to spruce up your windows. Make a café curtain by cutting a piece of appropriate fabric, half the height of the window plus 2 inches for hems, and 1-1/2 times the window width. Sew 1″ hems on all four sides and thread it onto an adjustable curtain rod. Mount the rod across the center of the window, leaving the top half of the window bare. There are some excellent Belgian lace fabrics that would not requ
    ire any sewing at all! Simply thread the curtain rod through the holes
  • Blinds can be used on their own or with a window topper. Thin slatted (mini) blinds in wood or PVC make a clean looking (and easy-to-clean) kitchen window covering. The added advantage to wood blinds is the ability to paint them to match your color scheme.
  • Chances are you keep your tea towels, oven mitts and potholders until they’re tattered and worn. For a low-cost kitchen makeover, try this! Treat yourself to new tea towels, oven mitts, and potholders in a bright color or cheery complimentary pattern.
  • Beautiful framed posters that coordinate with your kitchen scheme can add sophistication. Create a vignette with a series of frames, filled with family photos or pictures taken from an old botanical calendar. Paint the frames in the color palette of your kitchen.
  • If you’re the type who likes to display photos and kids artwork on your refrigerator how about creating a magnetic space on the wall for these must display pieces. Simply block off a square on the wall, paint the area with magnetic primer and then repaint over the with the color of your choice. Instant display space! In my own kitchen I created a frame using pieces of balsa wood from an arts supply store and then painted the inside of the frame in a color complementary to the wall.

With careful planning, each kitchen remodel idea can be accomplished for under $100.00. Now that’s home decorating on a budget!

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