Kitchen Worktops – Which is best?

This is an often asked question, to which there is really no answer. It all depends on your taste, decor and budget. The only thing you can do is look at all of the options, prices and types, and make your decision from there. It is true that granite is becoming more of the “norm”, especially in the higher end homes, but that doesn’t mean that it is right for you. Hopefully the information here will help to point you in the right direction.

Laminate Worktops

Lets start with laminate worktops. Laminates are by far the cheapest, have a huge choice of colours, designs and are also hard-wearing. We have found these worktops over the years have always out sold the more expensive products. This is in my opinion down to the price. Laminates have also come a long way over the last few years and are getting closer in look to the more expensive products like Granite and Solid Surface. So if they look like the more expensive product why not have them you may ask. Well it’s simple they will only ever look nearly like and there not the real thing so they won’t be the same. That being said a good all round worktop that will last a few years and is not nearly as expensive as the others.

Solid Wood Worktops

Next let’s take a look at solid wood worktops. Wooden worktops look beautiful and are a natural product and nothing beats a naturally grown product. Myself a cabinet-maker maybe a little bias as wood has always been a passion of mine. The only thing with solid wood worktops, they do take a little more looking after to keep them looking in good condition. There are a varieties of species on the market today, but the most popular being Oak. If you where thinking of something a little more unusual than Zebranos and Bamboo today are easily available. In summary a great worktop, look great, will last for years, but don’t expect them to stay looking like new forever.

Stone Worktopsworktops

Stone worktops or Granite, Quartz and Marble have now become a lot more affordable than they ever have. That being said they will still be a bit more expensive than laminate. Granite is much like solid wood it is a natural product that is cut form quarry’s. Granite is also like wood in the fact that one piece is never the same as another this adding something special to its appearance. Its is normally finished to a gloss surface making it look almost 3 dimensional. It looks stunning in any kitchen. Granite however is a porous surface and can stain so does need to be looked after. Quartz however is a little different. Its is a stone product but is man-made this being the case gives a consistent look. Quartz is a lot more stain and scratch resistance than Granite and some brands even say it is 100% stain and scratch resistance. I would personally never sell it as 100% but it will defiantly take a lot thrown at it.

Solid Surface

Solid Surface worktops are an acrylic man-made product. The most common name in the market is Corian. These type of work surface are non-porous so as nothing can penetrate the surface makes them one of the most stain resistant tops you can buy. These types of work surfaces can be jointed so you can almost not even see the joints. They can be shaped into almost any shape imaginable. Sinks can also be fitted seamlessly into the work surface of choice and they come in a huge choice of colours. They can however be expensive depending on what you want. If it is a basic kitchen design then they will compare in price to a Granite or Quartz top. A very good top functional, hygienic and no joints.

So the answer to the question ”what is the best worktop” well that’s really down to how you use, your tastes and budget. We are always happy to do a site visit with you, bring samples and give you the benefit of our experience, and hopefully that will help you to make an informed decision.

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